“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.” – Alfred Austin

Welcome to our corner of the world…Rooted. For us here at Rooted, a garden is more than just the plants, the containers, the tools or soil. A garden is a story. The story of how you (and each of us) are Rooted to this world. Whenever we are talking with someone about gardening or plants, inevitably, a story will emerge. A story may be about gardening with a parent who is long gone or a favorite flower from their wedding day. Sometimes the story is one of a person’s hopes and dreams for their ideal garden, in spite of a thumb that is not as green as they would like.

Rooted is more than just a business or an idea. Rooted is the coming together of people and their passion for gardening. This can consist of a practical “how do you do that” type of gardening to a presentation to a garden club about the great trees of the world. It is about bringing people together with their gardens and the plants in the world around them.

Often times when I go back home to visit or visiting someone’s home and they find out what I do, they ask to go me on a “walk” to ask some questions, tell me a story or two and to see what is going on in their back yards.

We would love to take a walk with you! Come along and join us on the adventure!